We care because we treat them like family too

I started Mudepaws back in 2010 because of my love for animals, especially dogs. I find that working with dogs gives me great happiness.

I love the outdoors, the feeling of freedom, and the fresh air. I work hard to maintain a strong bond and level of trust with the dogs which keeps me engaged and excited every day…. even the rainy ones!

I continually work to deepen my understanding of the different traits that dogs have by completing training courses and seminars including Animal First Aid, K9 Psychology and Dog Bite Prevention.

We are advocates of good animal care

We believe that animals should receive the same level of care a human would, that’s why we go to extra lengths to learn what they need.

We give your beloved pets a great time

Activity and human company is enriching for our pets, that’s why a good pet care specialist makes sure they get good quality interactions and exercise.